KUHN vaalutite tootevalik on lai. See algab väikestest ühe rootoriga mudelitest kuni kesk- või külgvaaluga kaherootorilisteni ning lõpeb suure neljarootoriliste vaalutitega, mille töölaius on 15 meetrit. Kõik KUHN vaalutid on ette nähtud kõrgekvaliteedilise sööda varumiseks, sest KUHN pöörab väga suurt tähelepanu sellistele teguritele nagu põllu reljeefi kopeerimine ja vaalutatava heina täiuslik rehitsemine.

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Choose this rake for reliability equivalent to our large-width rakes with double rotors or 4 rotors. The drive housing is the same; MASTER DRIVE GIII, adapted to the most intensive operations!
Important features have been modified to make the rotors lighter and stronger:

  • Arm holder bearings in aluminium and individually removable.
  • Optimised cam profile – less force on the roller – reduced rotation speed and pressure on the cam.
  • Reinforced pivoting shaft.
  • Reinforced tine-arm mount on pivoting shaft (patented bolted insert).

These gyrorakes were designed with new, more ergonomic arm holder and centralised locking. Windrow curtain and guards can be deployed hydraulically (optional equipment) or manually, very easily, thanks to a weight compensation spring that saves you time and a lot of effort. It is practical and easy for working in plots that are split by roads.

Make windrows, and keep them neat; with the single acting control valve you can reach a windrow clearance height of 40 cm.

Other great features:

  • Tine arms with hyper-tangential drive for calibrated, straight and regular windrows.
  • Wide turning radius and tandem axle as standard for perfect manoeuvring.
  • Recentering by 2 lateral shock absorbers for stability on slopes.
  • Crank handle for easy raking height adjustment.
Number of rotors 1
Working width (m) 4.40
Swath width (m) 0.70 - 1.50
Number of tine arms per rotor 12
GearboxesFully enclosed double reduction MASTER DRIVE GIII
Tyre type 16 x 6.50 - 8
Bogie axle As standard
Linkage3-point Cat. 2
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 23
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 30
Weight (kg) 724
Rotor diameter (m) 3.40
  • 2-point semi-mounted
  • 2 rotors with central delivery
  • adjustable working width
  • 3D suspension of the rotors
  • high number of tine arms
  • tangential tine arm/cam track operation
  • fully enclosed gearboxes
  • great manoeuvrability
  • setting the machine into transport/work positions from the tractor cab
  • fixed or directional undercarriage.
Rake Type 1 central windrow
Number of rotors 2
Working width (m) 5.40 - 6.40
Minimum Windrow Width (cm) 99
Maximum Windrow Width (cm) 201
Swath delivery Central
Number of tine arms per rotor 10
Number of tines per arm 3
Tyre type 195/65 R15
Transport Height (m) 3.5
Transport width (m) 2.5
Linkage2-point on lower link attachment
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 37
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 40
Tractor hydraulic equipment 1 DA
Weight (kg) 1 260
Rotor tyre type 3 Super balloon wheels 16 x 6.50 - 8

Belt merging is a technique with numerous advantages:

  • significant output capacity,
  • maximum preservation of nutritional value in forage crop,
  • and reduced wear of pick-up and cutting component on harvesting machines and loader wagons.

The MERGE MAXX 902 has been designed:

  • To pick up the entire forage crop thanks to the Windguard.
  • To move forage without ground contact which reduces stone contamination in the windrow.
  • To provide a wide choice of delivery for optimum adaptation to the volume of forage.
  • To produce uniform windrows with reels above the pick-up. It is now possible to add a windrow curtain for precise windrow calibration.
  • With a 9.10 m pick-up width for outstanding output speed.
  • For operating comfort: in-cab controls, hydraulic adjustment of pick-up height, excellent manoeuvrability thanks to steerable wheels, compact for transport,…
Working width (m) 9.10
Swath width (m) 1.40 à 1.80
Control system Setting to transport/work position – Raking height adjustment – Windrow clearance position – Windrow delivery selections - Timer
Swath delivery 1 windrow: left or right side delivery or central delivery 2 windrows: 1/3-2/3 spread. central and to the side or outwards
Transport length (m) 7.1
Tyre type 400/55x22.5
Transport Height (m) 3.9
Transport width (m) 3
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 103
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 140
Tractor hydraulic equipment 2 DE
Tractor electrical equipment 1 7-pin connector + 1 ISO 3-pin connector
Weight (kg) 7058